Why Do We Make Resolutions and Not Stick With Them?

Why Do We Make Resolutions and Not Stick With Them?
January 9, 2017 nebcity

We’ve now entered 2017 and most likely we all did one thing: made a New Year’s resolution. It seems to be a tradition people do at the beginning of every New Year. My question to you all is why? Why do so many people make resolutions already knowing they won’t stick to it? Why do so many people wait to make a new promise to themselves?

I understand the thought process behind it. For humans, we love to have something to look forward to and we love the thought of bettering ourselves. However, for many people it just stays a thought. Imagine this, every year we all eat cleaner, increase our workouts, make more time for family, go to church, etc. It might feel very overwhelming to suddenly think, “oh it’s January let’s start tossing out all the bad foods for the rest of the year.”

Here’s the key to making your goals reality: break down your resolution to something more attainable. Pick one thing you know you have a weakness on and reduce the consumption. For some it may be attainable to cut down from 1 soda a day to maybe only on weekends. Or instead of suddenly thinking you have to work out every day of 2017, just make it a goal to find 3 days a week to work out.

If you’re going into 2017 feeling overwhelmed because you have to suddenly make difficult changes, then I’m sorry, but you’re doing it wrong. Find balance. Do not think you have to eat clean seven days a week for 2017. Limit your sweets to Saturday and Sunday nights only so that you aren’t setting yourself up for failure.

Once you find yourself accomplishing these little resolutions, then take it to the next step. Maybe keep your workouts at only 3 days a week but add on a half hour to each session. Again, the idea is to set you up for success. Lots of little wins eventually add up to a BIG win!

Why wait too? If it’s September and you have a goal on your mind then by all means start that process! When the process is in small steps like I’ve shared with you, success will follow! Imagine the feeling you’ll have being a head of the game when January 2018 rolls around. Better yet, find a support system! Encourage others to join you in the same journey and you’ll naturally feel more motivated! And remember, when you have setbacks, they’re just that – setbacks. It does not mean you’re a failure, it just means you have the chance to succeed tomorrow. Let this be the year for consistent progress!


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