Big Pharma: What They Want You Hooked On For Life

Big Pharma: What They Want You Hooked On For Life
February 2, 2017 nebcity

Big Pharma is known for making more money than anyone could ever possibly imagine. They have found the secret to success with their marketing strategies and unfortunately most of us continue to fall for them.

So how are they so successful doing what they do? What are they convincing us of?

Previously we’d take drugs on an as needed basis. The symptom would go away and that was the end of that medication. Okay not so bad. A short usage means a shorter amount of time exposed to the side effects. Now, big pharma convinces us that we need these same medications for a much longer time to serve as a preventative which means longer exposure to the side effect. There’s one strategy where they have succeeded.

Second, is selling you on the idea that if you’re at risk for a disease, you should take a medication to lessen your risk. You may never get that disease but you put yourself more at risk for other health conditions with the preventative medication.

Whether it’s you going directly to your doctor asking for the medication or your doctor making the suggestion to you, these have been proven successful over and over again.

Not only are these two marketing strategies hugely successful, but there are six drugs in particular that they want to get you on because they are “life” drugs. These include: anti-depressants, ADHD drugs, statins, hormone replacement therapy, asthma-control medications, and proton-pump inhibitors.

Yes, these six are the winners. When they are given to a patient, there is a good chance that patient will be on that type of drug for the rest of their life. What’s terrifying though is that a lot of the side effects associated with these drugs are much worse than the original symptom or condition!

So there you have it. Big pharma knows exactly what they’re doing and they aren’t slowing down any time soon. Do they really want you to feel better? No, they want to get rich.

That’s the beauty I found in chiropractic care. It allows me to share with my community healing for the body in a natural manner with no increased risks involved. It allows us to balance the body and feel the way we are meant to.

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