“I’m Pregnant, Should I Get Adjusted?”

“I’m Pregnant, Should I Get Adjusted?”
March 7, 2017 nebcity

Many people get nervous with chiropractic care on infants and children. That’s totally normal but again it does not hurt the child whatsoever. It only keeps everything aligned so that they are set up for optimal health in their life. The parents especially always experience the benefits personally when they bring into my clinic an infant that hasn’t been able to sleep or stop crying and suddenly notices their infant is finally content and calm.

What doesn’t get talked about enough is chiropractic care during pregnancy. It’s honestly surprising to me because that’s 9 months that has the potential to put the mother’s body in a lot of pain or cause other issues down the road.

However, many women will either stop staying consistent with chiropractic care during pregnancy or others simply aren’t fully informed on the benefits it has to offer.

So why do it? Well during those 9 months, your abdomen is expanding. While that’s happening, you experience all sorts of pains such as back, tailbone, pelvic, and even groin pain. Who wants to be in pain during those long 9 months? I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound fun to me.

Even headaches, hunched over shoulders and reflux that are common with pregnancy will lessen making it an overall better experience. When mom is less stressed, so is the baby!

So should you get adjusted when pregnant? Without a doubt!

If you or someone you know is pregnant, I welcome you to give me a call at 402-281-9656. I’d love to further discuss all that chiropractic care has to offer during you during your pregnancy.


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