Massages: More than Just a Stress Reliever

Massages: More than Just a Stress Reliever
April 5, 2017 nebcity

Who doesn’t love a good massage? It’s the perfect stress reliever for many and just all around feels good. Man or woman, everyone deserves to occasionally treat themselves.

There’s so much more to massage than immediately feeling relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, that part’s amazing because it is immediate! What a massage does for the body that isn’t immediate is amazing and much of the time overlooked.

I see time and time again, all walks of life benefiting from massage. Even the toughest of athletes!

So what else does it have to offer?

Massage loosens up your tense muscles and allows them to recover. It increases blood flow which in return will help with muscle pain and decrease inflammation. When your muscles are more pliable, you decrease your risk for injury which is another reason why massage is great for athletes and people who work out. Also when your muscles are more pliable, you experience an increase in motion. That itself can be so rewarding for those who have suffered from limited mobility in specific areas.

And lastly, it’s a mood booster! Have you ever met anyone who was in a bad mood after a massage? I bet not! Sometimes life gets in the way of things and we put ourselves last. It might be work stress, taking care of the kids, financial reasons, etc. Everyone deserves time away from the stresses of life and should be able to escape for an hour or more to relax.

In order to fully reap the benefits massage has to offer there are a few tips you should follow. Allow yourself time to get a full massage. If a half hour is all that your schedule allows then that’s great! However, try to get a full massage for at least an hour. Also, don’t ever hesitate to ask questions when talking with the massage therapist. Consult with them. Talk about your problem areas, how much pressure to use and where, and if you have any skin sensitivities they should know about.

To help with making scheduling your massage even more convenient, we added the option to book massages directly on our website without even having to call! You can easily schedule yours today at

Most importantly, remember to occasionally make yourself a priority and treat yourself!


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